As I sit here....waiting.....waiting.....waiting.  It's been over 5 weeks since my presumed 1st cousin's DNA arrived at the labs of FamilyTreeDNA. My presumed full brother's test won't be completed for at least a few more weeks.

Over two weeks ago the test batch my cousin is in (#474) started to post some results....that was August 10th. What's today? The 31st (Oh dear God....that's another story, I'm usually not superstitious, but that is not a good omen). So it's been 3 WEEKS!

Many people today are having their DNA tested, mostly to try and make family connections to confirm their ancestry or for health related reasons.

And then there are people like myself who, after 30 years of searching and over 60 years of wondering, just barely 11 weeks ago, identified my birth family. People I've never met and have never known.  People I would like to know and share the story of my life with. People I would like to have share the stories of their life with me. People who knew my deceased mother, my deceased father and my deceased brother. People who could tell me what they were like, what they loved to do, what they hated to do. Such simple things that most everybody else takes for granted and never gives it a second thought.

My cousin's DNA test will confirm or deny my birth mother. My brother's test will confirm or deny my birth father.

The 31st? Days of loss in a life I never knew. My birth mother signed the adoption relinquishment papers for me on July 31st.  She died on July 31st. And you guessed it, my father died on July 31st.  Thank God today is NOT July 31st....but it's August 31st....and waiting...still waiting.

Now wouldn't you be just a tiny bit anxious if you were in my shoes???? So I pass the time writing this blog, hoping that the next time I log into my DNA account, the chromosome browser will light up like a Christmas tree. Hmmmm?...Christmas in August??? Let's hope so.

Karin Corbeil



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  1. Read your post at the Yahoo Adoption list (which I follow).
    Congratulations on the confirmation!
    Max Blankfeld
    VP Operations, Managing Partner
    Family Tree DNA