It's Christmas in August!

What did I finish that last entry with?

"So I pass the time writing this blog, hoping that the next time I log into my DNA account, the chromosome browser will light up like a Christmas tree. Hmmmm?...Christmas in August??? Let's hope so."

It's Christmas in August!
The minute I posted that last blog, I did go the FTDNA site and logged into Peter's (my presumed 1st cousin) account. Did I ever get the surprise of my life.....literally. Robert's (my presumed brother) DNA results were not due until late September, early October. But Robert was listed as his match! His results had posted also. My heart beating so I could hear it. I quickly logged into my own account and there was Robert listed and next to his name under "Suggested Relationships" is FULL SIBLING.

The chromosome browser lit up with lots of blue, showing where Robert matched me. The orange is where Peter matches me. Look at all that blue!!!! The specific numbers show a definite full sibling relationship.

I am still trying to absorb all of this. It's late and I'm exhausted. Tomorrow is a new day with a new adventure ahead.

Thanks to all who helped me in this search and journey that began in 1982. But's another beginning.

The waiting is over,
Karin Corbeil



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