Have I Found My Birth Family? Overwhelming Circumstantial Evidence!

I believe I have found my birth family!

Last week I received some additional non-identifying information from the adoption agency that within hours led to the discovery of a FOLEY girl from Connecticut. The 3 new little clues that I received coincided with much of the information my adoptive parents told me and out of every FOLEY girl found in the 1930 and 1940 censuses, she is the only one that fits.

I have already spoken with a few of this FOLEY family's members. I believe I have a full brother, as I believe his father was also mine. We found a yearbook picture of him and the resemblance to me is unmistakable, almost shocking. I talked to him last Tuesday. He was, needless to say somewhat shocked, but receptive, and listened to my story most attentively. I think he just needs some time to absorb it all. I will give him all the time he needs.

A cousin I spoke with was ecstatic and has agreed to do a DNA test.

With this discovery, I again spoke with the adoption agency and after a little tap-dancing around, I shared with them the information....names, places, etc. Remember, we are dealing with New York State and their archaic adoption laws....no response or confirmation, except one sentence. "Perhaps confirmation isn't necessary as you seem to have done your homework."

That was good enough for me! Sometimes reading between the lines is all that it takes.

Something my cousin told me....there was a rumor years ago in the family that possibly one of the FOLEY girls from this family "lost a baby girl". My cousin always assumed that someone had a miscarriage but he and I now believe that this "lost baby girl" was ME!

Until this FOLEY family is totally comfortable with all this and/or the DNA results give us the proof, I will not identify them by name out of respect for my deceased mother who died quite young. It's apparent that this family had several tragedies over the years and I'm hoping that my existence may bring a little joy and brightness to their lives.

A special acknowledgement to all those that helped me on this journey, you know who you are...you are the best!.

Stay tuned.....much more to come, I'm sure.



  1. Me too!! Knowing you as I do, there is no doubt that you will bring lots of joy and happiness to them!