It's that time of the year...

How caught up we all get this time of, friends, parties, Christmas shopping. But the joy of the season sometimes gets left behind. I was thrilled last night to learn that one of my fellow adoptees found his birth family via DNA and to think the timing was so perfect for this time of year. His half-sister wrote "I got a baby brother (albeit a 45-year-old one) for Christmas this year!" It was truly God's gift to this family. (I get teary eyed every time I think about it.)

My research continues with a little progress each week. I now have surnames to work with! And with a few surprises in the mix. It's an amazing feeling, that only an adoptee can understand, to know that there are real flesh and blood people out there who you are related to. It may be a long road before I have all the answers, if ever, but I am confidently moving in the right direction.

Best wishes for a glorious holiday season and may 2012 all bring us the best of everything!

We're off to the Caribbean for a week with the family! Bon voyage.

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